I not only found a local source for chorizo on this webpage but apparently also an authentic recipe like that used to make Palacios. Finally! Doubly good because I have not found the 9-oz. summer sausage like what was at the El Paso Wal-Mart -- only the larger ones, several pounds, which I would not be able to eat before they would begin to spoil.

Here's a copy of the recipe in case that webpage disappears:



Mix all ingredients, keep in cool place for 3 days -- mix a few times a day. Take a little each day and make a patty, fry up and taste. Add salt or garlic as you like. After it is ready, put in casing hang and let dry.

The old way is to bruise the garlic then put in several cheese cloth bags throughout the mixture, turn 3-4 times a day then remove before stuffing. Or use 2 or more tbsps garlic juice. Or put thru garlic press and leave in.

Coating with lard or olive oil may suffice to preserve chorizos instead of refrigeration. But Palacios doesn't require even that.

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