Eating all that meat, almost to the point of gagging, last night turned out to be good for me. Only one BM so far this morning, and no noticeable smell. And I drank the same two pints of beer last night also, although the first was Sierra Nevada and the second Spaten Lager (I can't believe this would have made the difference, but you never know). Another indication is that when I scraped my tongue there was no noticeable residue; usually there's a thick white layer, putrid-smelling, that comes off on my fingernails.

Update on the Reno bus system: the 15 bus takes you right to the shopping center with the Wal-Mart, but that one has no food store. There is, however, a supermarket (warehouse-type, like Food 4 Less) in the same shopping center. The 2S passes close to one of the places for natural chorizo, Butcher Boy Meat & Deli in Sparks at the corner of K and Rock. And the RTC Intercity passes the other, off Carson Street south of E. Musser. Also confirmed that the 11 will take me to the rideshare place, Twin City Surplus. A $4 day pass is actually good for 24 hours, unlike that of LA or San Diego.

Pissed away a little over $20 in the slots last night, trying to stay awake. I still think it beats spending $30 or more for a hotel room. At least I had the chance, however small, of getting my money back.

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