Found a tiny scorpion in my place today, wouldn't have noticed it at all if it hadn't moved since it's the same color as the dirt. It's the first scorpion I've seen since moving here; hope it's the last. I'll think twice about walking around barefoot now...

Wrote a python script to generate the outline of the Mandelbrot set without using any external libraries. It's horrendously slow, however. I'm going to try different things to speed it up as I find time.

Bought a bunch of different beers last Saturday in Deming, and added 4 new sixpacks to the collection lining the walls, but only have a few left. Was hoping to have a good selection for Friday when some Norwegian dudes pass through from El Paso to see the City of the Sun, but oh well... still have my Guinness keg and it hasn't gone flat yet. Also gonna try making some pink margaritas using prickly pear fruit instead of limes.

I've been testing my homemade sunscreen and it works good. Olive oil (1 cup), beeswax (1 oz, stirred into olive oil until dissolved), and 2 tbsp. of zinc oxide. I'll use less oxide next time, it didn't mix very well.

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