I awoke on the street, puking up probably 2 or 3 of the 8 or so pints I downed that night at the Cincinnati Bar. Disgusting. But that's the way I chose to celebrate New Year's day. Drank coffee at Dunkin' Donuts across the street till about 5 AM, Then started walking into Juarez. Had to take a dump really bad, and noplace open until I got to the chicken place at the far end of Juarez St. Ordered some coffee but didn't drink much of it, then went upstairs to the toilet where some nasty vinegary-smelling shit stuck all over my ass and I had to wash myself off in the toilet. That's what IPA does to me.

The buses were running late that morning, I guess due to it being New Year's Day. I had given up on the Permisionarios bus, and started walking, when it pulled up behind me and I rode it to the Central Camionera. Got on the 10:35 bus to Crucero Palomas and was in town by early afternoon. Pink Store was closed, so just continued across the border, where the Border Patrol confiscated all the ice plant cuttings I had brought back from San Ysidro. Fuck. At least they left me my barberries, which I can plant next spring. Charles gave me a ride to the City of the Sun, and I got warm and cozy with a lady friend while the clouds blanketed the sky above with gray down, and a cold breeze whooshed into my wind generator blades. I was home.

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