Didn't think my feet would ever warm up last night, but I finally got to sleep. I was awakened from my dream while it was still dark outside, by a woman's voice calling me loudly; but no woman was there. And it didn't make sense as part of the dream. I don't remember the dream now, but I remember that much. I wonder if Neo heard Trinity like that. Anyway, I went back to sleep, but kept waking up, so I could keep improving the next dream. It went something like this: I was walking through this town, maybe Rosarito Beach, drinking a beer. A female cop caught me and gave me a warning, but naturally I just kept drinking my beer, so she caught me again coming down the other street. I ran to escape into a huge amphitheater, or something similar, with very steep sides going down a hundred feet or more. I slid, and partially flew, to the very base of the D-shaped cavity, and was going to slip into a tunnel there, but the cops caught up with me too quickly. By then there was a whole SWAT team, and they had me pretty good. But then, they had to take me up a slippery ramp on one side, and so had to leave me uncuffed so I could make my own way up; they had one cop in front of me and the rest behind. I eventually got an idea: I grabbed the hand of the policia in front, and threw him behind me, sending them all sliding down back to the bottom. A cop up on top saw that and came down after me, but I just threw him over the side. Then when I got to the top edge, it was glassed in with lots of little glass tiles, and some sort of display underneath. I grabbed something metal from the display and started breaking the tiles, but then I woke up for good. Damn, that was a fun dream. A whole SWAT team for drinking a bottle of beer in public! What's not to love?

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