Precipitation! A nice gentle, all-day rain Friday, and a little snow yesterday. The desert gods are smiling on us.

After a bad hangover that lasted two days, I said to myself, "no more wine, back to beer". But no, last night I was at a party, the food was Italian, and of course there was a nice variety of wines and no beer. So I drank Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon, as the others were all sweet. I must have had about 3 glasses or more. Walking home, I was afraid I might vomit and lose all that good food, but so far that hasn't happened, and an amazing thing has: my feet are warm. The rest of my body is maybe a little warmer than normal, but my feet, normally freezing at night, are very comfortable in just two pair of socks. Was it the wine? Google shows it's 36°F, much warmer than their previous estimate of 27, but still that's cold enough to get my poor little toes a-shivering.

Anyway, the reason I usually avoid wine, not my bad experience with the Aussie Shiraz a few days ago, is that it's too high in alcohol content. Even that White Lie stuff that came out in 2005 had 10 percent, as does the Italian vino leggero. If I could find a nice dry red in the 5 percent range, I'd have a good temptation to switch, especially in winter, if this foot-warming effect really works reliably.

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