Got my check from Mellon for $5619.58 today. I'll never have to deal with those idiots again. Fuck! What a farce. They kept sending me more snailmails with my investor ID and authentication number after I already cashed out. And the site didn't work in Firefox with the authentication number, only IE. That makes sense, in retrospect, for a company that doesn't give a flying fuck about security.

Of course, I can't cash it today, nor even Monday. I'll be lucky if I find a local bank that lets me open an account, after the bad experience with Wachovia in Florida back in 2003. Anyway, one way or another, I'll get my money. And spend it immediately, of course.

Lately my sourdough culture has been flourishing, and I've been making so many sourdough pancakes my neighbors are already sick of them! I don't care, I'll eat them all myself. Plus I'm making omelets with the duck eggs my friend Lynn is supplying me. I live pretty well for a poverty-level desert rat.

Spending most of my time playing with colorForth on Bochs. If you haven't been keeping track of the website, a read/write version is now out. I've been trying to get Mark Slicker's Mandelbrot program to run but no luck so far. Ditto with the various attempts at DMA support in colorForth binaries. Everything fails with QEMU and VMWare as well. I can't see how certain guys on the newsgroups so blithely state that colorForth is so easy to run. They must know some secrets to which I'm not yet privy. So off to the privy I go...

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