Sitting in the Christian bookstore in Deming the other day, drinking coffee and using their wifi, I felt like gagging at the conversations going on there. This "God" of theirs, that cares so much about what goes on in their bedrooms and even in their heads, is a really sorry excuse for a supreme being. I've come to the conclusion that "He" must only be a 4-dimensional being, not even 5, as David Icke claims of the reptilians.

My reasoning? OK, let's assume we're 4-dimensional, and let's further assume that the same (Euclidian) rules apply for the lower dimensions; i.e., the 3-dimensional world would appear as a single plane in our universe, 2 dimensions would be a line, and 1 dimension would be only a point. 1- and 2-dimensional beings would be all but invisible to us, and therefore of no interest. But 3-dimensional beings would be visible to us like a comic book. And better than a comic book, because all we'd have to do is poke our finger through the plane (page) in which they reside, and they'd see something inexplicable appear and disappear; like a flying saucer or whatever. We could watch their reactions and have all kinds of puerile enjoyment at their expense. These are the kinds of beings who have passed themselves off as being the one God, creator of the universe. Bullshit. If there is any such being, it must be so many dimensions beyond us that it would hardly be aware of our existence, much less care about what we eat, what we worship and whom we fuck.

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