I guess I'm gonna have to download the Firefox sources and compile my own. I'm tired of the goddamned thing downloading updates automatically, and then asking me if I want it to perform the update. If I cancel, it goes ahead anyway and attempts to install them the next time I start the browser. Of course it can't because, like every sane Windows user (inasmuch as any Windows user can claim sanity), I run as a "limited" user and thus do not have write access to the system directories.

Now, normally, I "switch user" to the administrative account, download the update again manually from the Help | Check for Updates menu option, since I can never find where Mozilla cached the auto-downloaded copy; apply the update; then, everything is hunky-dory. But this time, my working copy still insists that I apply the update, oblivious to the fact that it has already been applied...

As I write this, I realize I could do a number of other things. I could put in a bug report. I could grant myself write access to the Firefox directories. I could get myself on the development team. All of the above.

The other day, I tested another jar from the batch of butter I had inverted into a pan of water on June 30. It was still fresh-tasting, no noticeable rancidity. One month without refrigeration! I don't think I've ever successfully kept butter that long even with a refrigerator. And this butter is room-temperature, easily spreadable. Gotta start baking again so I have something to spread it on!

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