Arrived in Acapulco maybe an hour or two ago. The bus was so fucking cold the whole way, about 24 hours, that I'm really glad that at one stop I had the presence of mind to request, and get, my sleeping bag from my checked luggage. I have a tickle in my throat but am hoping for the best.

Yep, it was 9-ish last night that I got fed up with Puerto Vallarta. Almost out of cash, and the bar not accepting credit cards; hadn't slept much over 6 of the last 48 hours, due to ladrones on the beach at night, and the cops 24 hours a day, making life impossible. When it isn't too dangerous to sleep, it's apparently illegal to do so. Also, like every other city, almost every square inch is paved over, and no free restrooms anywhere to compensate. Some cities make a half-assed effort to provide facilities, but not PV. I get the feeling they're just daring me to take a piss somewhere so they can haul me off to jail.And I can't seem to get laid, but I can't really blame that on Puerto Vallarta; it's just adding to the anger.

After exiting the Acapulco bus depot, I made a right and went as far as I could go, then another right the same, then a 3rd right. I came out shortly after that into a large walkway with restaurants on both sides. Rinsed my arms with some of the 2 liters of water on which I spent almost my last cash. Maybe if I find a place that accepts credit cards I won't stink too much to get in. That Palacios chorizo is good travel food but, man, the garlic permeates your whole body very quickly.

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