Got my ticket for MX$238 on the 4:45 PM Estrella Blanca bus to Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, then walked back downtown to the "Rosmar" restaurant on the Malecon. Some kind of motorcycle rally going past right now.

I have to thank Pedro for two good nights of sleep, but a couple of things were bothering me. One, I had no key, and was basically a prisoner locked in his apartment. I could have gotten out -- he has a neighbor, Maria, who let me out this morning -- but I don't like to have to bother people. Another thing, he was copping feels last night out on the balcony. He possibly didn't even consciously do it, but it was too often his hand brushed against the front of my pants to be an accident. Maybe I've done that to women before, and if so, karma has come around and slapped me. Anyway, my experience with staying with a gay guy wasn't particularly pleasant. It's not likely I'll try it again soon, unless it's a Couchsurfer with some good references.

Some notable differences between Acapulco and more northern cities: no whitefish ceviche; the ceviche here is a soupy, sweet, red mixture of pulpo, camarones, y caracól. No hay abarrotes; hay misceláneas. The natural gas vendors don't play jingles, they just blow their horns as they cruise the streets.

There's an ornamental tree I've noticed both in PV and here, with large, glossy leaves and a peach/almond type fruit. I'll probably post a photo at Facebook eventually. And I probably won't get a chance to edibility-test it this trip.

I ordered the pulpo á la diabla, which wasn't nearly as spicy as the name would indicate. But it was tasty nonetheless. Pricy, too, at MX$100, but I'm not even trying to stick to my budget. Fuck it.

I finally figured out last night what was wrong with my midiplay program. I hadn't recompiled the DLL with the version 2.5 Python.h. Once recompiled, it worked just fine. It would have been nice if the error message could have hinted at the problem; "not found" isn't particulary informative.

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