Got to the Acapulco station almost two hours too early, but what the hell, I'm not going to walk back downtown again. Just gonna chill out here until the bus comes. It's easy to do because they sell beer right here in the bus terminal and let you drink it here! What a concept! Greyhound, are you listening? Bunch of fucking wimps, they won't even let you on the bus if they smell beer on your breath, doesn't matter if you had only one.

I kind of like this town, at least better than Puerto Vallarta. The public beaches are for the "common people", and I don't see cops patrolling, waking people up. If it weren't for the risk of catastrophic wave activity, this bay might be a good place to set up camp.

Once I get to Puerto Escondido, I'll have to make a decision whether to continue along the coast, or go to Oaxaca for a taste of mole, mescal, y xocolatl. If it's not too expensive, my ideal would be to continue on to Puerto Angel first, walk or bus to Zipolite, Mexico's famous nude beach; then east to Oaxaca; and from there find the best route to Lake Atitlan. There might be something direct, but if not, I can go to the coast in Chiapas and get a bus to either Lake Atitlan or Guatemala City.

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