I thought I'd learn the route better, and walk back from Zipolite through Puerto Angel. It seemed that the route the camioneta (I said colectivo before, but I was wrong) took this morning was overly long. I was wrong on that score, too. I'm pretty sure I walked at least 10km, and it was at least another 10km into Pochutla. The colectivo -- a taxi with either light blue and white coloring, or light blue and cream -- cost me MX$20, but it was well worth it as I would have been killed on that road after dark, dressed in black as I am.

Across from the Zimat store on the main drag in Pochutla is the express van to Oaxaca: MX$120. I could probably continue along the coast and be at Lake Atitlan by tomorrow, but as I've said many times, nobody can guarantee me another day on this earth, and I want to see el Ciudad de Oaxaca.

Finally broke down and bought a bowl of Sopa de Mariscos for MX$100 on the walk back from Zipolite. There might be a photo in the Facebook album if I get a round tuit. It was worth it: a large serving of prawns, fish, and octopus. Very tasty and filling.

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