A young couple I met at the café told me about this hostel, which I finally found after schlepping my luggage around for blocks in the wrong direction... my back is in bad shape, but finally got a good night's sleep after partying with some other couchsurfers. I'm paid through Friday night for $280 pesos (their website isn't up-to-date, it's MX$70 per night), and am just going to chill as much as possible till Saturday morning. There's high-speed wifi here, power, and friendly people who aren't likely to steal my stuff; as close to an ideal situtation as I'm likely to find in this city.

I finally got PCDecisions put to rest for another 2 years, except for maintenance. Now if I can just convert the build process to Linux, I can get rid of this goddamned heavy Windows laptop; nothing else important to me depends on Windows. A WRT54G, with some kind of I/O devices attached, is enough computer for my needs.

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