Went to the grand opening of a strip club last night with my Couchsurfing companions. Just what I needed, something to increase my libido again. Dumb, dumb, dumb. But who knows, maybe my luck will change...

Juniper (Chase) customer support got back to me with a useful answer this time. They show that the PIN I selected is indeed in their system. So I'll try a cash advance at some different ATMs today and see what happens. It will be good to fix this problem now, when I don't need it, than some time when I'm desperate, don't have Internet access, and am standing cursing at an ATM when the damned thing doesn't work.

My back still hasn't straightened itself out since the other day when I was carrying my luggage around for miles after the rollaround broke. And if I don't find some kind of luggage rack today, I'll hurt myself more carrying the stuff to the bus terminal. I don't relish that prospect.

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