Got my ticket to Tapachula on Cristobal Colón for 7:10 PM: MX$322. I could probably save some money by going back to Pochutla and taking the coastal buses, but I feel like going first-class for a change. I've heard the Guatemala bus rides are horrible, so I might as well give my ass a break in preparation. Next year, assuming I'll do this again, I'll skip Oaxaca and go coastal all the way. Come to think of it, I'll skip Puerto Vallarta as well and go directly from Guadalajara to Acapulco.

The hostel has locker service for MX$10 per day -- a nice way to store my stuff until tonight. The luggage rack I bought at Soriana yesterday doesn't look like it will handle nearly as much abuse as the last one did before it died. I'll be grateful if it gets me to the bus terminal at the north edge of town.

I also bought a bunch more Palacios chorizo at Soriana. In addition to the big packs, it's now available in smaller pieces, each individually sealed. That works even better as travel food.

Went drinking again last night with some friends. Overindulged a bit, but no headache this morning, just the shits. That trick of drinking water, whenever you wake up to pee, really works.

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