Calle Santander, a few meters after it becomes Calle Principal (or Reál, as at least one local refers to it), splits off again to become Avenida Los Arboles. One of the more interesting places in this area of town is Jack's Café, with a pirate decor, pleasant lighting, and playing homegrown Guatemala rock-and-roll, a San Marcos group whose name I couldn't catch. And the beers are only Q13 there, much better than those fucking overpriced tourist-trap restaurants along the beach that charge 20 to 30 each beer.

I got enough of a buzz by now, and am having an espresso at Pingüinos continuing down the hill towards my hospedaje. I can't really say I like Panajachel yet -- those 3-wheel taxis in particular are quite annoying -- but it's starting to grow on me. If only I could find a place with free wireless! An American who lives in San Pedro, another town here on the lake, says it's all over the place in his area. It sure hasn't caught on here.

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