I just got done talking with a young beauty from some other country -- her green eyes and blondish hair are definitely not common among Guatemalans -- and she gave me the lowdown on street vending here in Panajachel. No license is required, but she has to pay at most Q2 per day (I didn't understand the actual mechanics of that); foreigners can vend on Calle Santander just south of where it meets Calle Principal, or near the church.

On Calle Principal just south of that same junction, the east side of the road, is where I can get the bus to Xela at 9:30 or so AM, for Q25. So I didn't lose that much after all by taking the bus to Santiago the other day.

I sometimes get tongue-tied when people ask me where I'm from. The "correct" answer is, of course, "Estados Unidos", but that really isn't unique; Mexico is, after all, "Estados Unidos de Mexico". I'm thinking of answering "El Reino de Bush" next time and see how it goes over.

So the Pana Rock cafe, where I had a couple more beers later yesterday evening for Q15 each, has free wifi but no "corriente". So I should be able to use my laptop there as long as the battery has a good charge. Since my room doesn't have any outlets, I ought to look for a lamp-socket converter. One of my goals for today...

I acquired a virtual server from Spry in Seattle, but can't get the damned thing working with Apache. I found the solution but it doesn't seem to apply; the vzctl command isn't available, and even when I used apt-get to install it, the file /dev/vzdev wasn't there. Even if mknod were to work, I don't really want to do all that work to learn the quirks of another virtualization tool. I'm trying to get them to switch me to XEN. I guess I could also use a more lightweight HTTP service, but that will most likely require significant changes to my setup, which will make maintenance a nightmare.

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