Malcolm Wallace, Jr: a musicians' agent I met in a dream last night, who knows a musician friend of mine "a little". Remembering names from dreams is rare for me, but it's details like this that can connect the dream worlds to this world, if enough people blog these things.

Tips for San Pedro: buy chocolate cake (Q10) only from the lady with two missing front teeth: it's moist and delicious whereas others are usually dry and crumbly. I don't recommend pan de zanahoria (Q5) from the morning street vendors, the one I tried didn't have enough carrots to add flavor and it's just an overly sweet bread. The meatball pita for Q24 (or Q26? can't remember) at ZooLa is one of their best meat meals for the price; in particular the Argentinian meat empanada is much smaller and costs almost as much.

Walk east past the docks to a grassy area where you can swim in somewhat dirty water; there's a swing hanging from a tree over the lake where you can indulge in the childhood joy of flying out over the lake and jumping in. I did yesterday, and swam out to the first buoy and back, and man was I exhausted. I haven't had exercise like that for a while. The presence of a young beauty from my hostel accompanying me that day must have given me an adrenalin boost. That, among other hormones.

I worked out a deal with the hostel owner, an American, for Q15 a night, skipping the "free" breakfast and sleeping outside in a hammock instead of in the dormitorio. Half the price, and at least as comfortable when it isn't raining; if it does rain while I'm here, there's also a palapa with hammocks, but those aren't suspended as well. I can't promise he'll give the same deal to you, but the owner of Trippy's is a nice guy and it can't hurt to ask.

One of my crazy dreams is to install zip-lines all over the world, for low-maintenance free transit for anyone willing to take the risk. Even in flatland areas they can be strung from small towers. Each a mile long, you can cover 60 miles easily in maybe 2 or 3 hours. Bring your own pulley, all I'll provide is the cable... what made me think of this is a conversation on the way back to Pana the other day, in which an American guy, Bill, was telling me about Tulum, which he says is a great party town and is a good place to spend the full moon celebration on December 22nd (although there's one here at the lake, too, which I think will be my choice), and he mentioned other things in the area, which included zip-lines strung across the jungle. I never knew the name of those things before.

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