The Greyhound bus stop in Eureka isnt even marked as such. It's the RTS stop near 4th and Q, in front of Courtesy Used Cars and across from Big Louie's Pizzeria. There's a usable wifi signal from a nearby Econolodge.

More on my new skate idea: low wheels, and an angled brush in front to clear road debris.

took me about 40 minutes to walk from the LA Greyhound terminal to 7th and Fig, almost 2 miles. So I'm back to about 3 MPH.

Greyhound schedule 1418, LA to El Paso, reboards in Phoenix with number 003 at gate 4. Just a note to myself for next time. I believe it's usually gate 1 going the other way.

Passing through Tucson, there was an awesome fireworks display visible towards the East. Landed in El Paso about 4:20 this morning. Done traveling for a few weeks, time to make some headway on my projects.

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