Got a little rain this morning, and looks like we might get a little more soon, judging by the radar map at Weather Underground. Speaking of which... you ever notice how the establishment takes anti-establishment icons and co-opts them for its own use? Weather Underground and Napster come to mind. Then there's the secret shit the government does, like the Philadelphia Experiment, that is remembered by most people as a movie having little to do with what originally happened.

Also, this morning, I got an email confirming my first trade of futures options at OptionsXpress, two options on July Oats with a strike price of $3.50. Now that I'm finally able to trade, I plan to buy something every week as a hedge against the coming hyperinflation. Of course, it could all go to shit, and the company go broke before I get my money, along with the CBOT and everything else. But whatever. It's all a gamble.

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