Walking through the arroyo with my air rifle in the midafternoon heat, I came up behind a fat dove sitting in a mesquite. Bang! His feathers came fluttering down, but he took off easy as you please, and headed towards a nearby cholla patch. But not far upstream, a rabbit let me get a good shot at him, and after 3 or 4 BBs and quite a bit of chasing, he's now being panfried on my wood stove.

OptionsXpress got back to me and is going to credit my account for the trades, even though the correct amount -- $12.99 per contract per side (for options on futures) was what was eventually billed. So, except for their 5-day hold on ACH transfers, I'm happier with their service. Meanwhile I'm checking out some other companies. If anyone has suggestions, please send them my way.

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