On my 2nd beer after a hike into Rascon Canyon. I'm exhausted. The gate that until recently just said "NO HUNTING" now has a "NO TRESPASSING" sign with C. May's name on it. I don't know if that's Cliff or Claire. I'll have to ask around, because I want permission to use that road. It's my nearest access into the mountains.

I wanted to find out if I could get to the Politically Incorrect Spring by another route, but either I took a wrong turn or it's just farther than I was ready to hike. The other reason for the hike was to see if the banana yucca was fruiting yet. It hadn't even bloomed. The Florida mountains are at least a month ahead of the Tres Hermanas, due to the rain they get. I did get an awesome photo of a red flower I'd never seen before, though. I'll post it somewhere eventually if I don't space it out. And I found some more ruins that could serve as shelter.

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