Am I the only one who thinks pastor Steven Anderson's beating was ordered from higher-ups after his embarrassment of the agency back in February? Note that I'm no fan of this guy's religious views, and it seems he's such a stubborn jerk that he's going to get himself killed by these jackboots before he gets a clue. But watch these videos all the way through, especially the long, boring one. Understanding the behavior of these thugs is important: see how they reframe everything Anderson says and does in their own context. They can't for a second accept that his viewpoint has any validity. They are in charge and he must obey, or else. You have no rights within 100 miles of the border; the Constitution is suspended. Pretty goddamned scary.

Oh, and Steven, Judaism is not the religion of Antichrist; animism is. In case that's on the quiz when you get to the Pearly Gates. On the path you're headed, you're likely to get there long before I do, our relative ages notwithstanding.

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