The gods were smiling on me today. A fat dove was sitting in the acacia across the arroyo. I missed the first shot, and walked 5 yards closer. It didn't budge. The second shot brought it down. By the time I got to it, it was already dead. So I picked it up and carried it with me down the arroyo towards Highway 11. Went through a branch of the arroyo, flushing several other doves before I could get a shot. Then a jackrabbit appeared, scooting to the other side of the arroyo but then pausing within range. I took a shot, but a small sagebrush in the way diverted the BB and he ran off. Then a few yards downstream, movement caught my eye. Another jack. The only thing in the way of this one was right next to him, and it was relatively little growth. I took the shot. He cringed as if hit, but then walked further into the brush as if he'd just been scared. I pumped the air rifle for another shot, but by the 10th pump he had flopped onto its side into the arroyo. I took another shot anyway, just to be sure, but probably missed. Walked up to it, and an adrenaline surge almost enabled it to get away. But I finally was able to drive my knife through its brain, and carried it home. Cooking it up now. This is my first jackrabbit, and it was stopped with a single BB from about 25 yards. I'm pretty damned happy with that... it bodes well for my survival in the post-civilization age.

It had some ticks, which could indicate disease, and its liver had some damage. But I cut out the strange-looking parts and cooked it up anyway.

No more porter or ESB left from my Sun Harvest shopping spree the other day, but still have some New Belgium 1554 left, and an assortment of other beers. Not doing too bad. Also finished a Rentacoder job today, and will get paid for 3 hours of work on Odesk later this evening. It's been a great day overall.

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