Three rabbits in three days. Finally accomplished it, or am quite sure I did. Yesterday's was not in doubt, nor that of the day before, each of which was killed just after sundown. But I wanted to break this psychological barrier, so I set out earlier tonight. Walked all the way to the west end of the property, then south to the arroyo. Didn't see anything till I was just west of my neighbor's property, and that was a cottontail scurrying up the other side of the arroyo. He paused within about 3 feet of the top. I took careful aim and fired; it looked like I'd hit it, but then it scurried up and over the top and I didn't see it. Pumped the rifle 10 times, no hurry, and loaded another BB. Down the arroyo and up the other side. Looked around, and didn't see it. Another few steps, and there was a rabbit lying on its side. No twitching, no heartbeat, but it still had its body heat, and it hadn't bloated as it would have if it had sat in the sun all afternoon. I took it home and left it on top of one of my burn barrels while I went for a "confirmed kill". Didn't even get close to another rabbit, so went back home and skinned the one I'd gotten; I found an entry wound near the heart, but nothing perforating the heart, and no BB to be found, nor an exit wound. So there's the shadow of a doubt that this was my kill. But I'll take it anyway, since there's no other logical explanation I can think of.

Jogged downtown today for the first time since returning from the Kinetic Grand Championship. My right big toe still hurts like hell from where I'd ripped the skin experimenting with my bike two weeks ago or so, even though it looks healed, but I managed to deal with the pain by scrunching my toes between footfalls.

Finished reading three Philip K. Dick stories: Through A Scanner Darkly, of which I'd seen part of an animated movie; Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, on which the movie Blade Runner was based (very loosely, I realize after reading the book); and Confessions of a Crap Artist, one of his non-science fiction works, but whose character Jack Isidore, a "nut" in this work, appeared also in Androids as a "special". I'd been wanting to read this guy's work for years, and finally found some free e-books somewhere on the net, I forget where. Maybe it's in my Delicious links.

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