July Oats have decisively broken the $2.60 barrier. My options are almost back up to where they were when I bought them; of course their "time value" drops every day, so the only thing that brings them up will be their approach towards the strike price.

Woke up this morning remembering having resolved a recurring dream -- one in which I was supposed to enter a building with a glassed-in security area, and in which I kept getting stuck in a conveyor-belt hell where the ducts became too narrow for me to pass. Don't know what I did to resolve it, but vaguely remember the key was in treating the guards as people and not as the mindless morons they can be when they're on the job. In another dream I started sliding along the road on purpose, but then couldn't stop, somehow frictionlessly picking up speed. Tried to slow down by going off-road but it didn't help. Can't remember how that one turned out either. In still another episode I was talking to a hacker girl who was saying something about a graphical diff program. I woke up with the realization that I should be spending a lot more of my time exercising my brain, as I used to years ago.

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