Fermentation took off sometime overnight, and this morning my apple juice was fizzing and foaming beautifully. Still doesn't have much of an alcoholic taste. I had to remove the sumac berries yesterday, as some white stringy stuff was forming little clouds in the liquid and I was afraid it was mold of some kind. But maybe it wasn't, as the results right now are looking so good, and perhaps the berries did help kickstart the ferment.

I realized something today, something related to the Oracle telling Neo "... it seems like you're waiting for something." I'm always waiting for someone to tell me what to do. That's why I accomplish so little unless I'm working for someone else. And if other people suffer this same malady, that explains why people suffer with monstrous governments, jobs they hate, and marriages that persist long past the demise of the relationship.

The baby steps I take in getting myself to do the things I want to do are vital to my spiritual development. I can't imagine why it's so goddamned hard, but it is. Do indigenous peoples have this same problem? Do people laze around until their spouse or chief tells them what to do? Or is it only endemic to the Taker culture?

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