Found some red-ripe Anaheims at the Sahuaro market in Palomas today. I'm going to try skinning and brine-pickling them until winter, and then use them to make Basque-style chorizo. Guessing that it's a fermentation process that preserves the pork with garlic, peppers, and salt, the pickling should only enhance the process. Or so I hope. If it turns out bad, it's not the end of the world.

I bought four more cans of frozen concentrated apple juice yesterday at Peppers in Deming, on sale for about $1.30 each. I'm making this batch diluted twice as much as the first, and seeded the approximately 8 quarts with the wild yeasts from my current brew, which is now getting sour but still for some reason doesn't taste alcoholic. I wonder why? In any case, if this will satisfy my craving for drinks during the week, it will save me about $50, maybe more, every week. Even more when I find enough wild fermentables to use.

Making some progress on a homegrown wiki for a modern-day reconstruction of decoding the Rosetta Stone. More info soon, I hope.

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