Getting a few raindrops on our parched ground. Not nearly enough, but what little the gods grant us is appreciated.

Filled a quart mason jar about 3/4 full with little-leaf sumac berries, both red-ripe and orange-dry. Then filled it with water and added yeast from the bottom of the fermented apple juice jar I'd just drained. Tried to crush the berries with a piece of yucca stalk but didn't accomplish much. Anyway, I could see a lot of the sugars had dissolved, making the liquid somewhat amber-colored. This should be interesting. The jar of diluted agave syrup is still fermenting too.

Haven't had any packaged beer yesterday or today, preferring my homebrew. That's what I'd hoped! My stuff is less alcoholic, and has (hopefully) beneficial organisms in it to maintain my immune system. Plus, it's way cheaper.

I had to cheat on the meat part of my diet, though. Not having bagged any rabbits so far this week, I bought a six-pack of chicken drumsticks at the San Jose market this morning for $2 and change. Cooked it with rice for a tasty meal of arroz con pollo, and it ought to last me till tomorrow sometime. No biggie, I'm still way ahead on my goal for this year, which is to get 10% of my food by hunting, gathering, and gardening. I'm probably at about 30% or more, though it's hard to estimate accurately.

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