Celebrating my anti-consumerism breakthrough by drinking bottled beer and eating Frito-Lay chips. Stupid, huh? Well, in my defense, I can't be rational all the time. I was at the store today to get ice for my beer and decided to get a salt fix. Oh, well. As long as it's a rare occurrence, I won't sweat it.

Of my home brews, so far the apple juice has worked out the best. The agave syrup turns out too bland; a bittering agent might help. The grape juice is bubbling nicely, but I took a sip today and it's like some fizzy grape drink. Not yet very alcoholic. I've got to try mesquite blossoms next spring, and mesquite pods (dried and boiled down) later this summer.

So much wind! As soon as my tubing bender gets here, hopefully by this weekend, I can modify my bicycle trailer to be a wind buggy. I'm psyched!

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