Looking more deeply into my travel options to Alaska after Burning Man. I could go Greyhound to Bellingham, WA and get the Alaska Marine Highway ferry to Ketchikan, which is a long ways from Anchorage but I might as well start kiteboarding or windsurfing as soon as possible in the journey. Problem is, going from Bellingham to Ketchikan on the ferry is $239, not even counting the bus from Reno to Bellingham. So, a better option is Reno to Prince Rupert, BC for $94 (21-day advance ticket), then the ferry to Ketchikan for $54. Saves me about $150, guessing that the Greyhound fare to Bellingham is about $60. It's probably more. I still have no clue what I'm going to do about wetsuits, drysuits, or other cold-weather apparel. I seriously doubt I'll try the Russia trip this year; the best I can reasonably hope for is to make it to the last US-owned island of the Aleutian chain and turn back.

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