Tried eating the rest of my rabbit today, but almost gagged when I tried. Gave it to the dogs. On my last hunting run this afternoon, I chased down a jackrabbit I'd apparently hit through the heart while it was "playing rock", and it finally dropped dead. It had a bad tick infestation on its ears, and a bubble of skin with eggs in it on one leg, but its liver looked healthy and I'm cooking the organ meats now. The meat is soaking in salt water overnight.

Friday I went into the foothills to see how the thick-leaf "banana" yucca were doing. The ones I saw hadn't even sent up stalks yet. Even the thin-leaf yucca at that elevation were a month behind those at City of the Sun. But there were some ripe prickly pear fruits (tunas) along the wash.

Tried a can of frozen orange juice with my wild yeast. It bubbled up fine overnight, but doesn't taste very good and leaves a sticky mess of pulp. I don't think I'll be trying that again.

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