The night I got the jackrabbit (liebre, en español). I soaked it in salt water for 12 hours or so, which was a mistake. Apparently I didn't add enough salt, or didn't cover it sufficiently with water, because the end result was even stinkier than before. But whatever, I added crushed dried mirasol peppers and some of the red-ripe Anaheims (chiles California) (which, by the way, I couldn't find an easy way to peel), and cooked it for hours. This morning I deboned the meat and am cooking it again. I used 5 of each type of pepper, and also added some Cajun Creole seasoning, which will hopefully hide more of the nastiness of the meat. I was hoping to have a result somewhat like birria de chivo (goat stew), because jackrabbit meat so much resembles goat, but it ain't gonna happen this time.

I've got to remember not to use my PayPal debit card at the Dollar General down at the border. Their machine has some problem with it, and this time it not only showed a failed transaction, but it charged my card and didn't issue an automatic refund like last time. So now I've got to jump through hoops to get my $9-something back.

Got my tubing bender and some tubing, now just gotta figure how to mount the tubing bender on something relatively stable.

Only spent $10 on a six-pack of beer for this week, the Chocolate Stout from Fort Collins Brewery. It's not the best in its category, but I finished it all yesterday evening without even realizing where it went. Another $12 or so went towards 8 cans of ShurFine frozen apple juice ($1.39 a can at Peppers), which should provide me with fresh cider all week.

But then when I got home, I went out of control when I saw the deal in TigerDirect's daily mailing. I spent $350 on a new 64-bit laptop with 3 gigs of ram, a 250GB hard drive, and DVDRW. So now my next paycheck is shot. Oh, well. Now I'll be able to generate Mandelbrot sets to 64 bits!

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