Had several easy shots at cottontails yesterday evening, but failed to connect with anything lethal. Had better luck this morning, and got by so far today just on the organ meats (and maybe two quarts of my homebrew). Also made a good-sized batch of sauerkraut in the stoneware crockpot I'd gotten months ago and hadn't yet used. That cabbage shredder I bought isn't all that great, but it beats the heck out of slicing it by hand.

Every now and then I have to configure a router to work with the COS network, and I never remember all the steps involved. While it's fresh in my mind, here it is for my own future reference:

Remove /etc/init.d/S??{firewall,dnsmasq}. Leave wl0_mode=ap. Set lan_gateway and lan_ipaddr to the core router's IP and this router's IP in the same network. Set wl0_ssid and wan_hostname to the router's new name. Set wl0_wds to the AP of the nearest upstream router, and add the new router's MAC address to the wl0_wds string of the upstream router. Remember that on some routers you need to use the base MAC and on others it's MAC+1 or +2 (or -1 or -2!). Make sure wl0_channel, wl0_key, and wl0_key1 are the same as the upstream's. Of course, wl0_wep needs to be enabled, and wl0_lazywds needs to be 0 (off). Save using nvram commit and reboot. Reboot the upstream or just: wifi up. Check you can connect using:

wl ap 0
wl scan  # then wait a second or two
wl scanresults
wl join ROUTER key WEPKEY  # ROUTER=upstream's SSID, WEPKEY=WEP key
wl assoc

If the above shows you can connect, wl ap 1 and then try pinging the upstream. If it fails, scratch your balls for a while and try again. Curse loudly and scream if necessary. Reboot everything. Eventually, when you're just about to shoot it with your 12 gauge, it will start working.

Not sure I got all the steps, but that's a good start.

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