Anyone with eyesight as bad as mine can only become successful as a hunter by learning to spot abnormalities with the naked eye, then use the scope to confirm or deny the presence of game. A week ago it was a slightly different color of dirt that turned out to be a jackrabbit. This afternoon it was an orange tinge that was the ears of a cottontail. The latter fell with a single BB to the head.

Now that I'm brewing regularly, I'm starting to use more than 5 gallons of potable water a week; approaching 7, maybe even more. Perhaps if I thin down the fermentables so it's less tasty, I'll drink less. Or maybe I should just resign myself to schlepping more water.

The two cans of apple juice I hadn't yet used, still in the cans but not frozen for several days, were already fermented when I opened them tonight. One smelled pretty potent, the other vinegary. I'll probably go back to Deming tomorrow morning for another batch. Meanwhile, I divided those two cans into 6 quarts of brew, and will see how they turn out. I'll drink it in any case, unless something horrible happens.

I saw the tail end of the movie Awakenings tonight. It was awesome, based on an experience of Oliver Sacks (also author of Uncle Tungsten, among other works) in the summer of 1969. Leaves me wondering about how many people there are in the world with diseases that could possibly be treated successfully by living foods or paleolithic diets, or one of those combined with the natural remedies growing all around us.

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