Wow. Just finished reading William Gibson's Neuromancer, as if for the first time. There's so much of it I didn't remember, and so much stuff I thought was there that wasn't. I can say for sure it's way better than Pattern Recognition and All Tomorrow's Parties, two of his more recent works, which were at the Deming library. I returned them today, did some shopping, and went out by the new Starmax entertainment center, which was still closed at 11:15 or so when I passed. I later heard from the bus driver, Howard, that it opens at 12 noon, and the bar is only serving soft drinks and snack food, as it doesn't yet have its liquor license. I have no clue what the big, red-roofed below-ground structure is across the street. It resembles the cockfighting place I saw it Zacatecas.

Three Black Hook porters and I'm on a buzz I haven't had for some time now. The hard cider I've been making just doesn't get me this cooked. I bought some DVD+R blanks at Wal-Mart today and I'm making the restore disks for my e-Machines laptop, but I don't know if I can trust myself to do anything that requires neurons to fire reliably.

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