Border Patrol swung past my house just as I was getting ready to go hunting. Not wanting them to mistake my air rifle for something deadly, because cops get nervous when they're outgunned, I walked the other way, South and West. Took an easy shot at a dove, but missed, then walked on up the arroyo. Climbing out of the arroyo at one point, I saw the unmistakeable orange of rabbit ears. It stayed perfectly still while I took the shot, and fell over with the first BB. I walked up and put another through its brain. Cleaning it later, I found it had a layer of subcutaneous fat, and even some milk! Didn't notice the fetuses, though, if any; perhaps it had already given birth.

That was my 3rd jackrabbit. All so far have had numerous large, nasty ticks in their ears. Hoping to avoid tularemia, but I guess it's gotta bite my ass one of these times. As long as my immune system is in good shape, I don't imagine I'll have too much of a problem. But you never know.

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