The current leader in the CodeChef December Challenge is David "pieguy" Stolp of Durham, CA, not too far from where I am. But there are still over 7 days to go, so his "perfect 6" may well fall if someone gets a better answer on the tiebreaker question. So far I haven't figured out fast enough algorithms to solve any of them within the given maximum times. Now that CodeChef is offering cash prizes everywhere, not just in the US and India, there seems to be more competition. A Russian guy took the lead at first, and China is well represented in the top coders again also.

The cactus fruits, mashed and with water added, made a nice light white wine. Once it was gone, I used some frozen concentrate mix of white grape, apple, and peach to make the batch I'm finishing tonight. I used three cups of it to make some bread, again taking care of the water, yeast, and sugar with the fermenting beverage. I did notice a strong alcohol smell when I first cut into the bread right after baking... don't remember that ever happening before.

Got to get back to work on my HPV. Having a hard time getting good results with oxy-MAPP welding, and can't find any good YouTube videos on it.

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