In a dream sometime last night, I was talking to my Ma (who passed away a few years ago, but I didn't realize this during the dream), and as I was relating some of my experiences to her, I remembered the time I went to retrieve my motorcycle... this was another dream, apparently, that I'd had not long ago. In it, I remember having to go close to the moon, and that somehow I nudged the motorcycle so that it came close to getting sucked into the moon's gravity well. But somehow it stopped, and, relieved, I went to get it. The tire was very hot to the touch, and I didn't understand why, but when I got home (still in the dream), I googled it and found out that the moon reflects a lot more heat than most of us imagine. I was explaining to Ma how lucky it was that I didn't have to go down to the moon's surface to get it, because I couldn't jump high enough, and would have to take a large rock with me to throw downwards right at the highest point of my jump, in order to keep propelling me away. But she didn't seem to understand that, and just as I was remembering that there was also the possibility that I'd overshoot and drift off eternally into space, I woke up.

Now, the book I'd just started at the library two days ago, Variable Star by Robert Heinlein and Spider Robinson, may have influenced that dream, because it talks about swimming in air, something I had to do in order to get at the motorcycle. But the original motorcycle dream came before I read that. Or did it? The moon (in the dream) was close to full, so it could have been the 1st or 2nd, assuming the moon is the same in both worlds.

Never did figure out how I got into space in the first place, or back down to earth with the motorcycle intact. Things that make perfect sense in dreams, so much so that they're done without thinking, are incomprehensible in this other reality.

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