After that blog post about alcohol and antibiotics, I googled it. Seems to be a myth. So I drank a bit too much last night to compensate.

In a recurring dream of a street party (think Mardi Gras), a horse picks up his foot and stomps it loudly in my direction. Two guys in a booth then ask me some question about the horse's action, to which I usually answer "he frightened me". At that point one of the guys would always say, "He was warning you." So this time I answered "He was warning me". And they remained silent. Shades of Ender's Game.

Another dream was about a train. I was discussing a train station that could be built, and someone, in a context of the conversation I've forgotten, said it should be called "Constipation Station", and then I said it could have a bar and grill called the "Poop Deck".

In yet another dream I was doing some work for a guy named Jack at a whorehouse he owned. He had blond hair and 3 blue eyes, two of which blinked in unison, and the leftmost one which was independent.

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