More experiments on the skateboard today; sitting down on it, with one foot on and another off for stability, Chacos on my hands and Tevas on my feet; riding backwards, pushing off with hands and one foot. For hills, turn around and face forwards, still with one foot in the air for stability, hands holding board. Thinking handles mounted on the underside of the board on both sides might help.

Using foamboard and Acco-style paper fasteners from Staples to make prototypes of my other HPV ideas. If this works out, I will hopefully make some YouTube videos to spread the ideas around.

Playing with ColorForth again, using Albert Van Der Horst's ciasdis tools. Maybe I'll make some headway this time.

Also tried welding some HDPE plastic with my little Weller butane iron, with the tip removed so it's basically a hot-air gun. So-so results so far, it'll take some practice. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is the ubiquitous black plastic you see littered around everywhere: poly pipe, coffee cups, and such.

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