Starbucks will start giving free unlimited wifi to everyone in two weeks. There goes the neighborhood. I'd better get there at opening time to have a shot at one of the electrical outlets.

Started an experiment about a week ago, using a kombucha "mother" to eat a HDPE plastic bag. It seems to be working, I've stopped feeding it sweetened tea and it's still bubbling away. But no sign of the bag degrading just yet.

Bought a BikeE recumbent on Craigslist, and went to pick it up yesterday, near San Ramon. A bit unstable, so far, with the small front wheel; I keep jerking out into traffic (very bad). But oh, so easy on my poor hands; very little chance of nerve damage, with no weight placed on them.

When I went to get a cash advance at the bank yesterday, I showed my DL for identification, but it had expired last month. Lucky I had my passport card. NM doesn't offer renewal online like California does, so looks like I'll have to go back or get a CA license.

Spending way too much, now got to knuckle down and work for a few weeks to pay it all off.

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