Rode my new acquisition to Novato today, roughly 11 miles. There's a hairy bridge not far south of Petaluma, no shoulder, that I had to get off, wait for traffic to slow, and walk across, holding my hands loosely on the handlebars so that if a car hit the bike, I could still maybe escape unscathed. But all went well. Though 101 is marked "freeway" at the entrance off Petaluma Blvd. South, it isn't prohibited to bicyclists nor pedestrians, and in fact within a half mile its "freeway" status ends; there's cross traffic.

At Moylan's beer garden, having a 10-ounce Kiltlifter. Funny they sell it in pints everywhere else but here.

Having motivational problems with programming. My customers are, thankfully, being very patient with me.

Running "iwlist scanning" shows a "Free Public WiFi" AP, but it's not giving me a DHCP response. Are all these scams? Anything with an SSID of "Free Public Wifi" never seems to work, anywhere I've come across them.

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