The pain hasn't recurred in my hand since I cut down on wheat. But my right foot is still cracking and getting infected. Can't keep it ground down fast enough.

When you brush without toothpaste, instead of spitting you can just swallow it. Sounds gross, but it's your own germs after all, and sometimes spitting is not an option.

Solved a problem for a customer on RentACoder.com involving binary files whose format needed to be reverse-engineered. He said he'd given the job to more than 20 other coders who couldn't figure it out.

Really liking my recumbent. Got to start figuring a way to float it, and add a trailer to it that can carry people. Offer a free taxi service, tipping encouraged, and maybe make good money without any license needed. Water taxi, human powered, between downtown and the marina.

Did the Lagunitas free tour as far as getting almost two pints of free beer, and the jazz band just started. Life is good.

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