Saturday I rode my recumbent into San Francisco, trying out some bike paths I saw on Google Maps but which apparently few people know about or care to use. Following Redwood Boulevard south through Novato, it dead-ends twice but is connected by a bike path to another section of road. The farthest I had to get away from a direct run along Highway 101 was the Mill Valley-Sausalito bike path.

It took me all day, and by the time I got onto Columbus Avenue I was quite hungry. Past the tourist trap area, the Burgermeister looked tempting with its Niman Ranch beef and $3 beers between 5:30 and 7:30, 7 days a week. They were botching orders left and right, including mine (I asked for Pepper Jack and got cheddar, another guy got my Pepper Jack) but I had a good meal and got out of there without spending much over $12.

My Burley Travoy is already breaking at the middle joint. I keep popping it back into position but it's only a matter of time before it doesn't hold up any more at all. Probably all those bumps over sidewalks that don't have ramps are giving it too much of a shock.

Went to Tomales Bay yesterday with the Petaluma Paddlers, fought the current out towards the mouth instead of hugging the shore and getting a favorable eddy current like the smarter paddlers did. I was exhausted, slept almost 11 hours. Now got lots of work to do over the next few days before we're off to 4th of Juplaya.

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