Had a hell of a time getting Bramus's progress bar code working on my customer's website, which uses AJAX. Then I saw in the comments that a guy Eric had a similar problem not using AJAX but using javascript to create that part of the page. I tried to answer his post with:

@Eric: make sure to set autoHook to false, and run this code after you're done tinkering with the DOM:

myJsProgressBarHandler = new JS_BRAMUS.jsProgressBarHandler();

Anyone using AJAX to create the page must put this into the xmlhttp.onreadystatechange() function, and possibly use a variable to indicate when loading is complete, or use some other method to avoid running the progressbar initialization until all the progressBar spans are in place.

But when I submitted the post I got:

Error: please enter the security code.

Fucking Wordpress. There was no goddamned captcha.

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