Some reflections on The Fourth Turning... my generation, the Prophet archetype, is coming into its peak power as we enter a crisis, the darkest part of the saecular winter. The young Heros are being prepared for apocalyptic war, by video games (for years now), and by books and movies. I'm reading Meyer's Twilight series books to get a better understanding of the type of programming being done to these kids.

Anyway, back to my generation. If we stay on auto pilot, we'll likely end up in a very ugly war, perhaps a civil war. But if enough of us have kept the vision of the 60s and 70s in our hearts, we could steer the whole world into a bloodless Glorious Revolution of sorts, a new expression of libertarianism never before seen on Earth. I don't have the stomach for government service myself, but those of us who do should use whatever power we have to stop the abuses of government and guarantee the sovereignty of the individual. My contribution, my talent, is to enable freedom of travel. By testing out different types of human powered vehicles, and improving on them, I can make it possible for even the poorest person to travel the world. Just one step in the ultimate goal of dissolving government and enabling people to govern themselves.

I realize this is all too vague and insanely idealistic. I'm working on it.

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