Gillette Fusion vs. Schick Hydro

Both have 5 blades. Both have a strip of toxic goop running across the top. Both have been on sale at one point at the local Grocery Outlet.

But, the Gillette is far superior. One, it has a 6th blade across the top back that can be used as a sideburn or nosehair trimmer. And, it's built better. You can tap it hard against the edge of the sink to loosen the hairs and clean it out. Tapping the Schick just releases the blade. As a result, the hairs and dead skin cells stay stuck in the blades, and after a few days starts stinking like a decaying animal.

I wish I hadn't lost my goddamned Gillette on a paddle a few weeks ago at Drake's Estero. But I did, and now I've got to get another one, especially since I have a bunch of replacement cartridges. But the razors aren't on sale any more.

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