Had my Postal Service recurring dream again last night (or rather, this morning); the one where I've been coming in on-call for two years and haven't yet gotten paid (and I keep forgetting to clock in, so I can't really blame anybody but I keep bitching about it anyway).

At Family Build Night, a COTS program in Rohnert Park where I've been volunteering two nights a month, my suspicions were confirmed when a so-called "autistic" girl showed up with about a pound of sugar in the form of what looked like cinnamon pop-tarts. I watched her munch down the top one of the stack. No wonder her wiring is all confused. If alcohol and tobacco are prohibited to minors, so should that nasty drug be.

Had my first ham contact tonight. Didn't write down the call letters, but I announced "KE5TFZ" on the local repeater while waiting for the bus, and got an answer. The guy asked if I were calling someone in particular, and I said "Nope, just testing out my new radio". He asked where I was, I said Rohnert Park. I thanked him, and that was that. So easy! But took me 40 years to accomplish.

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